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Christmas Help for Low Income Families

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Hi everybody!! Now i know i am not the only one with a problem like mine. I've never made any trips back to Africa since past 3 years i left my country.I have a valid A - DIRECT AIRSIDE TRANSIT VISA from United Kingdom to my country issued in New York but no money for plane ticket. I have a plan to go to my country to submit my old passport and get a new passport even to visit my Dad and my family members and come back. I pray to God that there is someone out there that will be able to help me, please contact me (prof4real2005 AT yahoo DOT com)to take my information that you can use to buy me a plane ticket. THANKS. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.

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Hello, I am a 29yr old single mother of six children and also care for 4 teenagers who are children of a friend that is currently in prison. I promised my friend that I would not let the children get seperated and that I would care for them. I have currently gotten laid off from a job of 7 yrs and live off unemployent currently, I am in desperate need of help this Christmas and I missed the deadline for Salvation Army here where I live in Columbia, South Carolina due to having a new baby boy on November 9th. If there is anything or if anyone has some where that could help I would appreciate it a great deal, trying to make 10 children smile on Christmas means alot to me. The children's ages are 19f, 17f, 16m, 14m, 10m, 8f, 7m, 4m, 3f, 2m, and 1wk old boy. I have been trying many places over phone and been told that all organizations have closed their sign-ups and deadlines. I manage to barely get by with bills and I would really hate to disappoint all these children. Please help me or give me some sort of direction. Thanks in advance and God Bless!!

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thanx for the info this has been a real big help
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Thank you a lot this realy helps me out your the best

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my name is tiffany and i am a disabled single mother. all the information you told us is true however, i am too late it seems. i thought i would be able to do the holidays by myself. but, after losing everything i owned in storage a few months ago. this started me  having problems with money. replacing everything costs more than i thought. i get on my knees all the time and pray. and usually i feel the light at the end of the dark. but, i  just don't this time. all i do is cry. my girls told me not to worry about christmas all the wanted was me to stop crying.  and you would think that would be easy. but, i can't

i usuallly have too much pride to ask for help. but, i am just so lost and i feel like such a loser. please let me know if you have anywhere i could go for help. and thank you for listening. that makes me feel not quite so lonely. my girls don't deserve to have to suffer for the holidays. that is my responsibility.


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thank you

thank you


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proud momma
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 in response to pjparks02...   

Good luck and I hope you find the help you need. I have also found that if you ask for things on Freecycle in your area you maybe surprised. I resently was giving tons of clothes away in my area when someone listed a good working Xbox and games, well I responded and ask her if I can have it as I have two sons that would really love it and bam they now have a Xbox and 6 games for free, so Freecycle and Craigslist area great sources for free items. If you need any further help let me know and I will see what I can find in your area.


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Thanks, Storm, for all the info.  You have put together a lot of good information.  I will be looking into some of this in hopes of getting help for my kids.

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thank you for this post, hopefully I can get help through one of these places.Happy holidays


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