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Christmas Help for Low Income Families

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GiftedOne   in reply to grumpy_18974
You need clothing for your son and daughter? Son size 7 in pants? Daughter size six? How old is she?
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Jolee   in reply to randyr
Hi i saw your post i am a mother of 4 i live in Nj as well. I have been unemployed for 2 months I do get unemployment but it is just enough to get by with rent and food and other daily expensesif you are still interested in helping please let me know , Thank you
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Edithd   in reply to randyr
Hi randyr what size clothes do you have? Boy or girl? I do not mind hand me downs every little does help :)
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Hi right know im in a hard situation im 8 months pregnant with my third child we.recently moved from cali to wilmimgton de my.husband work on amd off we.berely get by with the bills this year its been really hard for us becauseI didnt expect to fet pregnant as soon as I left cali if any one us.with clothes fory.nb girl and my three and 5 year old my.son is size.7 in pamts.and my daugjter is size.six !!! If any one.can help me. With pampers or.any kimd.of help I wpuld appriciate it
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little women1321
Hello my name is natasha, I'm needing help with Christmas this year . IV been outta work because I hurt my sycratic nerve and can't walk or set on my tailbone. My husband takes what work he can. He is a mechanic and handyman. It's his own business but it's not been busy latley. We are a low income family. I believe our taxes last year we made about 29,000. -30,000. I can't remember but this year it will be lower than that. I think iv waited to long to ask for help. If you or if you know anyone who can help please let me know. Thanks in advance. I'm in Knoxville tn.
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Trisha 82
Hi my name is Patricia and I have three boys. I'm a single mom and just got back to work after hurting my knee. I really need help with Christmas this year. I'm in auburndale fl if anyone knows where I can get help. My boss are 10 9 & 5. Thank you
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littlelacie   in reply to MarkeeshaLenna
Oh,whoops, I thought you was here in this fun city. but there is Goodfellows in lots of cities,so check Dallas. I saw an ad on TV for Goodfellows so I thought maybe the one here in town was still taking applications, even though we were notified that they had stopped, along with others. Keep checking around girl I will too.
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we live in Saco Maine< seeking assistance for 2yr old girl & 7&8yr old boys! im a p/t U.M.A student and im on disability< my options are limited with no vehicle! if anyone can help or knows of any places to help us with christmas we would be very grateful
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we are in need of toy and food assistance for this christmas! i do not have a car so my options are very limited< if anyone knows of any x~mas assistance agencies for my 2yr old girl and my 7&8 yr old boys i would be so very grateful, sincerly, Kelli laplante

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Mz Bree   in reply to nichole89
Hi,Nicole.I have some gentlely used baby clothes if you would like to have them,.
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MarkeeshaLenna   in reply to littlelacie
O..I'm in Dallas not Lubbock but thanks anyway!!
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I have a friend in need of any help she is a single mom of four she has two boys ages 6,11 and two girls ages 10 and two months old of living in lizella ga if any knows of any help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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littlelacie   in reply to MarkeeshaLenna
yes girl I also live in the great city of Lubbock! they give out lots of toys every year but I don't know if they still are but check. if I think of more will let you know.
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MarkeeshaLenna   in reply to littlelacie
I've never heard of it but I will check it out in the morning.... Thanks
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MarkeeshaLenna   in reply to littlelacie
I've never heard of it but I will check in the morning...thanks
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littlelacie   in reply to MarkeeshaLenna
did you check goodfellows?
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littlelacie   in reply to jesaqueen
we do not know of any Christmas help that is still available. but keep checking
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MarkeeshaLenna   in reply to sonshinesas
I lost my job in July...I lost my house in dad is in jail and my mom is family at all...I'm here from Lubbock Texas and I was taking care of my kids I just feel off...I'm asking for help for so my children can have a Christmas I don't plan to be down and out too much longer I'm looking for a place of my own and a job!!
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sonshinesas   in reply to MarkeeshaLenna
Sorry not trying to be mean but why keep having kids if you can't support the ones you have? Do you work for a living? No family of yours or grandparents willing to help you out?
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MarkeeshaLenna   in reply to sonshinesas
Well if you must know my oldest child's father is not in the picture and my last 4 there father has been in jail since April 2014.
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