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Christmas Help for Low Income Families

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Hi I'm a single dad of twin girls age 11 and although I work part time 28 hours a week we struggle like
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granma sue
Hi I am the grandmother of two children who lost their dad in an auto accident on sept. 19, 2013. There was no insurance on the vehicle he was driving. His 7 year old son was in the car with him when he lost conrol of the car, overcorrected and went off the other side of the road, the car hit a driveway culvert and flipped the car into a tree killing my son christopher peace instantly. He is suvived by 2 children his 9 yr. old daughter and his 7y r old son. His son was in the car with his daddy when the wreck happened. He had a broken thumb and his wrist was broken in 2 spots. The only thing this child was worried about was trying to help his daddy, whom had already passed away. My grandson not knowing that tried to save his dad. It is so sad!! He now lives with me and with the cost of the funeral I don't have much money for gifts this christmas season. I am not one to ask for help but I cannot let my little hero down this christmas. Any help with toys or food would be so geatly appreciated. You can google the name of his dad to see the video from the news cast. Please Please Help!!!! If you can help a broken hearted little boy and girl out with just one gift that would help you can contact me at Thank you for the listening ear and may god bless you each and every one and hug your babies life can be ripped away in an instant!
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mom2five2013   in reply to Berthealy2006
I could really use the help badly. I haven't found any help yet. I'm a single mom if five kids and out if my five kids two bare disabled. One is autistic and one has a terminal genetic disease my youngest does. I wish so badly to find help for food for the rest of the month and his diapers, gas for his appointments and my kids Christmas since I haven't found any help yet and I have ko idea how I am gonna get anything for Christmas. My son requires my 24 hour care so I am unable to work and life has been a hard struggle and I do it all on my own. Thanks for taking the time to read!!..I'm Sarah
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mom2five2013   in reply to Berthealy2006
Im a single mom of five and two are disabled. One autistic and one is terminally I'll with a genetic disease and I can't work because he requires my 24 hour care and I haven't found any help for Christmas nor anything I badly need right now.
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Hey my name is Bre, on August 24 my 24 year old sister passed away and left behind a one year old son, who I love very much but wit me having no kids prior to this tragedy it's hard work being a single mom, I like everyone else need a little help with making this Christmas special for him
Thank you
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I marisella santos is need of toys please bless my son with toys this year he is 3 years old right know we are livin in a hostel .... thank u and good bless my email is
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RaRa9595   in reply to Berthealy2006
Hi I'm a disabled citizen in the Durham nc area single with one child o the way, I was wondering would I be able to get help for me and my baby he's due in January
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Hello I have two children ages 6 and 12 my husband recently lost his job after 4 years due to an illness. He is currently looking for work but we are barely able to make ends if anyone knows of anyone being able to help with Christmas please let me know thank you and god bless you!
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Hi I'm.a single mother of 4 boys I haven't been abled to give. My boys Christmas in 2 years I have been behind in all my bill I would like to know if there anyway o could get help
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Hello, I am a mother of 4 children, having some money issues, my husband has gotten layed off and I am on disability and we could really use the help for christmas for children that would be greatly appreciated=)
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Hello, I'm a single mother of 7yr old twin girls and we are definitely looking for help this holiday season! I'VE LOST MY JOB SINCE JULY AND ITS A JUGGLE NOW FINANCIALLY! ANY IDEAS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! May God bless us!
single mother of 2 looking for help with christmas
i do work just all money is for bills/rent to keep the roof over our heads
any help is greatly appreciated
thanks in advance
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traderman   in reply to lakin_steele
contact toys for tots in your area.
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im a single mom living in a shelter in west philly. looking for any kind of assistance for christmas as well as clothing for my 10 year old daughter. she wears a 7 1/2 in shoes , size 16 or 18 in juniors or women's 2 in pants and size 16 to 18 junior shirts or a women's small. thanks
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Hello I am wondering how I can go about getting help for Christmas for my family there is my husband myself and 3 boys two of them are 13 and the other one is 11 I thought I was going to be able to give a good Christmas this year but things happened I have been in and out of the doctor's office I have already had one surgery and I have to go back December 20th for a nother surgery
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Single mom of 5 kids looking for assistance for Christmas.
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I am a single mother of a 13 month old little boy and also pregnant ....we are currently homeless staying between family members and live off of 374 dollars a month......I live in Vinton county ohio ..if anyone knows of any programs or places I can reach out to to help give my son his first real x mas please let me know thank you so much
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Looking for christmass help for my 2girls, they are ages 3 and 1 . They need clothes shoes n alot of other stuffs anything would help
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im in desperate need . I have three kids . ages 1-3,i just lost my home of three ys.ive never been able to give my kids a 1st bday party. if I don't get help for my kids then they wont have a Christmas........please please please help me.
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Looking for some help single caregiver of two girls age 2 and 10 for Christmas in Schenectady New York area
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