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Christmas Help for Low Income Families

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dearly beloved
Hello everyone, I would like to know if someone could adopt my daughter & grandbaby? My daughter is 7, and my grand daughter is 3. I am disabled, and live on a small fixed income. I am 48 years old, with fibromyalgia, and acute arthritis. If they cannot be adopted, anything that you can do, would be a blessing. Thank you, sincerely.
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Hello my name is karla i have 3 kids 2 sons ages 5,1 and my little princess is 2 this will be the 2 year that they wont have a Christmas tree or presents im a singel parent i have no and no income i barely have money to buy them food its been hard and on top of everything i also have problems with immigration ivd been here since i was 6 months and its been 24 years that ivd lived here i dont know any other home then the one im in im looking to find help and if some sweet hearted family is whiling to adopt my family n i thank you for reading and i hope someone can help me out this year god bless you and your family
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Hi my name is theresa I have three boys 11,10,9 this year is going to be tuff due to the fact I was in a car crash and is disabled I have applyed for help but won't get any this year I was working two job n now it even hard to keep lights n gas n water on if anyone could help it would be a blessing
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Hi I am a mother of 4 kids, they are 12, 11, 9, and 6, I am having a hard time finding work been out of work for sometime now and it's really hard to support them. If anyone can really help please clothing or toys will be excepted. Thanks you so much if you can help them out :).....
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mama 35
Hello, I'm looking for someone who could possibly help my family with Christmas assistance. I have 4 beautiful children 19,10,6, and5. Its a little hard around this time of year, trying to help my son in college, and taking care of my girls can be a little difficult at times. Again if anyone could help my family, anything would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.
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Hello I am trying to find any kind of assistance I can with providing my kids a Christmas this year. I am a single mom of 3 and also raising my 19month old granddaughter. I am in the process of applying for disability and my husband is in prison so I have zero income. I do receive food stamps but half of the month I struggle to even put food on the table. Since my husband has been gone my kids are soo depressed and they do not like the holidays. The last couple years my kids have totally given up on Christmas because they know I can not afford to buy anything and this just breaks my heart because I absolutely love the holidays. I know this is a long shot but I figure it cant hurt to try. If there is anyone out there able to help me give the kids any gifts please contact me. I just want to show them there is hope. I would be forever grateful. Please help...
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Need help for my two kids for Christmas,son is 10 and my girl is 3! Waiting on disiblity to go though but it's going to be after Ar. Thanks anyone it makes me feel so awful asking but for the kids anything!
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Can someone adopt my family? I have two girls ages 1 and 2 and two boys ages 11 and 14. We have no family or friends its just us. I just want them to have a nice Christmas.
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please adopt my family i have four girls ages 7 5 3 and 5months i just lost my job cuz i got real sick with the baby please help thankyou
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Hi my name is Amber i have 2 beautiful kids a boy 3 nd a daughter 7. I don't have anu income nd only receive a low amount of child support. neitnot inher of there fathers are involved in there live and i dnt knw if I'm gonna be able to give therism a good Christmas if anyone help my email
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Haveing a daughter in nov Not to sure we were reAdy for this surprise any support or help would make it easier
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Hi my name is Lisa Moss i dont have any money to buy my kids something for christmas i am not working at this time i have four kids there ages are 13 8 7 5 thanks my email address are thanks
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Hi my name is jarixa and i dont have income to give my 2 babys a good holidays any help please.... Thanks
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Hello. My name is Cristyl and am a single mother of 4 children, whos ages are 13 yr old girl, 8 yr old girl, 5 yr old boy, and 7 month old boy. I am resently unemployed and had to move in with my parents so that I can have a place to stay. I have no income at this time and am seeking employment as well as I am attending school. I am afraid I will not be able to give my children the Christmas they deserve. If There is any kind of help for me to be able to give my kids some kind of Christmas that would be amazing Thank you for listening.
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Hello. My name is Kasha. I have three children. I am a single mother. I lost my job and I have no income. I moved back in with my parents who are on a strict income. I need help with Christmas for my children. By Christmas my oldest will be 4. My middle will be 2 and my youngest will be 10 months. If you could please help it would be amazing!!!
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paulag   in reply to flygirlbree
Were she live at
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Hi my name is Paula and I just lost my job 2months ago and I have no income and I live in low income and I have 4 kids but 2 understand under 18 1 is 13 and the other is going to be 8 I don't no what to do for Christmas this year please can anyone help me anything will help thank you my email and am a singel mother of 4
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hi my name is vicky i have 3kids of my own a 4year old a 3year old and a new baby that is only 4moths abt to be 5months we are a low income family :( my husban got deported and isnt able to come back to yhe us there for ita really hard for me to be able to buy preasents dis year if anyone could adop my family that would be awsome if u are reading this thanks for taking ur time to read my post and god bless you! my email is
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Hello I am looking for help this Christmas I have 8 children and their father is now an out of work bricklayer of 35yrs who has hurt his back now we are awaiting as he files for SS I have been sick for the last several years I have RA Fibro. Carpal tunnel suffer from social anxiouty depression and we lost all we had in Mo. and relocated here to MD to be by my brother. If we could get any assistance for Christmas it would be so joyful, I my self know the feeling of waking up on Christmas with nothing there as a kid. Thank you for your time and God Bless
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hello please adopt my family for christmas, single mother of 4 kids who recently lost my just closed down with no warning.. truly need help for holidays would deeply appreciate any and everything that anyone could offer thanks in advance and god bless
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