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Christmas Help for Low Income Families

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treetree312   in reply to mrsdennis13
Cleveland Heights,Oh & thank u a lot I appreciate it.. Bout to go online now
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shanda h
Hello i lost my job and i need help for thanksgiving and christmas i am asking for help and would like to sign up for baskets i have a 11 yr old she is in a 12; and a 1yrs old she is in a 2t and a 9 month he is in a 24 month thank you so much
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mrsdennis13   in reply to treetree312
for furniture there is a program called maps, also not sure where you live but, there are alot of churches that donate clothes as well. have you looked into local food pantrys, or ebt benefits? check out as well
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Hello my name is Virginia I have a 2 year old daughter who was born with down syndrome and stomach problems i am a single mother and I ask if yall can please help me this year with what you can i would really apreciate it alot may God Bless You.
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Hi my name is keontanae ford iam 11 years old i have 3 siblings kione who is 6 keonte , 8 and ray is 9 and also a verysick mother who could barely get out of bed she has heart problems and everything i dont have to have nothing as long as they get something last year my siblings were so sad i wish i was older enough to get a job my mom is a single parent and before she got sick she would do anything to make us smile she would try to help anyone and i love her for that so if u could help with anything me and my family would deeply appreciate it Thank u
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Hello,My name is Chanira Roundtree I have a (14)girl & (12) twin boys. I been a single mother for 14 yrs that's on disabil with mild MS. I need help with clothes,food,furniture and books 4 my children. I.R.S say I'm to poor to pay or owe taxes meaning I'm under poverty & just need some help.. Please call me if you know any programs that can help me & my children 216-317-5104
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My Name is carreen I am writing you because I really need help this year for Christmas I am a single mom. And have been for years. I have 4 kids but 2 are all grown up and my other 2 are almost there. But when I was a kid I got Christmas tell I left my house. I am not asking for much but to make them happy . Last year I had no help. And the look on there face was heart breaking. But yet they said that was ok. I have MS and it's been hard on them.if anyone could help let me know. All the programs wont cause they are 17 & 14 but there still kids. So why make them feel there to old for Christmas. Than you very much god bless.
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M Burks

My name is Maria and I currently lives with a friend, and I have 3 kids, my story is I have a part-time, and willing to pay housing I just need affordable housing, I have 2 sons 11 & 12 years of age and they just moved back with me after 8 years, I’m so happy to have my kids back due to substance abuse years ago. Im going on 7 years clean and sober, I love my kids. we are in need of a place to call home, every other week I am been threatening of not having somewhere to live. I thank you in advance for taking the time to read and if I’m considered of being helped some kind of way, blessing upon you and your organization. I am will to tell more about myself and kids. Please help us for Christmas clothes and toys bless you

Thank you

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amber martin
Hello my name is amber I have three beautiful children and I'm a single mother who lost everything in a house fire...we have very little. I just got a place to live..I really need help with Christmas..I don't have a job yet.I just moved to Huntington, west Virgina.. And now actively look for phone number is 304_ 751_5930... If anyone could help I would be very greatfull :-)!!
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Hello i am a mother of 5. Two of my children are disable. My job just did cut backs so now i am only working part-time. I have been looking for full-time work but had no such luck. If anyone know of any places were i can get help with christmas gifts for my family please let me know. having a hard time paying bills now so i know there will be nothing left for christmas this year.
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Hi i live in Ashton underlyne Manchester iam very ill with a lot of disabilitys iam bringing up my 2grandsons keran n Jordan also have a 17yr old foster daughter i am lookin for donations for Christmas as my grandkids dnt have an easy life we cant afford holidays n things so please if anyone can help me i would be grateful thankyou 0161 343 6465
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Hi,my name is shanin patterson i am a single mom of 3 all boys 11,5,+16 months old.i am in need of help with Christmas christmas please if any one could help i gladly give thanks my number is 904,608,1334
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Responsibleone   in reply to Responsibleone
This is responsible one my number is 2566319075 if any advice or help out there .but please do not call late at night, once get kids down if phone rings many get false hope it their mommy
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Hi let me start with I am the neighborhood mom. At any giving time I have extra kids in my home. My home tends to be place many parents in struggles drop kids and run. Have had three separate sets drop kids and not come back. Currently god mother to five children under eight. I am only 33. Have 15 and 6 year old of my own. I can't find in my heart to turn any away, but recently I just don't have resources to contnue in my efforts of being mom to all. Any help or advice is greatly apprciated. I am unable to ask for traditional help because not all children mine. But refuse to hand over to dhr. They were left with me therefor I must deal with parenting many kids who I support and love but have no relation to be and with out any financial help from these ungrateful parents who dropped and ran. Please help me do right thing
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Hi my name is cindy i have been disable yet still waiting for desision for diability i have two sons one twele and six boys i am alone in the state of fl i moved here for safty and peace its been really hard fir me i lost my mom in a fire and gave no othet caring sibilng but my two boys i need help for xmas anything will do please if u can help me call me 347;375-7585 any little will be appriciated god bless iam in fl highland county
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Hello, I am a single mother of four children two girl that are 7 and 3 and two boys that are 5 and 2 months. i am looking for help with christmas this year. i am recently laid off work from accent home health CARE. if anyone can help Please contact me 7405503482.
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Ms. Hall
Hello I'm Ms. Hall and I'm a single mother of 4 children at the moment I'm unemployed and seeking help. I'm hoping to find a job before the holiday season roles around. If not I will appreciate if a family will be so kind and give a helping hand so that my children can have a happy Christmas. If anyone interested in helping a family in need please feel free to email me at I will accept any donations. Thank you in advance. I will be well appreciated.
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Hello My name is Candie and I have 2 teen boys 12 and 14 whom I would love to be able to have a wonderful Christmas for however, I have many health issues and cannot work, there are four people in our household and not enough money to even pay for medicine. we would really appreciate help this year at Christmas if anyone has a giving heart. email phone 317-454-4802
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hello iam ms,cruz i'am a single disable mother of 7children iam in need of christmas toys for my children this year and at least 2 beds blankets if theirs any agency or someone out there that can help me i will apperciate very much you can call at #602-367-1663 or Email thank you &may God Bless YOU!!:)
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alejandra 5039608341
hola soy Alejandra y soy madresoltera porfavor necesito ayuda solo quiero unos regalos para Mi hija el Trabajo k tengo apenas me sale y pago Mi vivienda mIS biles solo quiero cambiar la triste Navidad k solo sea un abrasive Dino un regalo y mostrarle ami hija la majia delay navidad no important para Mi take tambien. mimama depends dem Mi mama De 55 años Mi Baby De 4 y yo De 25 Mi tell el5039608341
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