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Christmas Help for Low Income Families

storm747 started this conversation

Christmas Help for Low Income Families

This year (2009), charitbable agencies expect to have an increase in the number of families seeking assistance for the coming holidays over the amount they serviced in 2008. There are national and local agencies offering Christmas help for low income families, but it is important that you contact them as soon as you can if you are a low income family in need of Christmas help. If you are in need of free toys this Christmas for your children and need help in feeding your family a holiday meal, please contact your local branch of each of the following agencies. They may be able to give your family holiday assistance. It will help to have your children’s first names, ages, sizes, and wish list written down before you contact them.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides a large social services program to help needy people of all ages. Donations provide free Christmas toys, dinners, and clothing for families in need. For Thanksgiving and Christmas help, you need to contact your local Salvation Army for details on how to register for holiday food baskets and Christmas toys ASAP!  The time is now to make sure your family is on their reservation list.

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots is a U.S. Marine Corps charity that collects new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December annually for Christmas. These free Christmas toys are distributed to children of low income families around the United States. Marine Toys for Tots makes it simple for you to receive free toys for your children, or for someone else. Search for the donation site in your state , follow their directions, and contact your local Coordinator.

United Way

United Way is accepting applications for free holiday food and toy assistance. To apply, families may need to present a picture identification card, Social Security cards for all family members, current proof of household income, proof of address (utility bill), and birth certificates or proof of custody for children ages 12 and under. Find your local United Way. The United Way can also direct you to agencies that can help you pay utility bills. Be sure to register for the Angel Tree program for your children to receive new Christmas gifts from local families.

Local Houses of Worship

Many local churches also offer free Christmas toys, meals, and clothes to families low income families.  Be sure to reach out to churches in your community.

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St Louie the King
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robbie wolfe
This year I am including myself in need of your Christmas outreach help for my twin daughters ages 13 yrs. old. I live on a very low fixed income and without your help I don't know what I will do. Thank you for your time and generosity in advance. Sincerely, Robbie Wolfe
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awsomemom31   in reply to awsomemom31
North Carolina
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awsomemom31   in reply to awsomemom31
North Carolin
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Christmastimemiraicle   in reply to woman in a shoe
Hey lady mine is innocent and if she believes than she can. I still believe....everyone has hard times every now and then.I feel like you are judging my Christmas spirit. Our Christmas spirit comes from our faith in Jesus.does yours?
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prettysmileallie   in reply to Grishamboy
Cool thank u so much my son needs shoes with socks n my daughter needs a haircut plus clothes my bro needs clothes too plus his becoming a man n he meeds acne med for face..thank u
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prettysmileallie   in reply to Grishamboy
Go ahead plz let me know
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Angels any where   in reply to Berthealy2006
Thank u! Where god is there is a way so I'm just praying and something will work out if not the best thing is we all are live and have a roof over our head and that's all we need
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paramedic383   in reply to woman in a shoe
Never to old to believe...
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Berthealy2006   in reply to Angels any where
I'm sorry, don't know where else to suggest, I'll pray for your miracle. I wish there were options.
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Angels any where   in reply to Berthealy2006
Thank u! Since it's so late in the holiday I've already been told the fire hall police and churches can't help. It just sucks cuz I wasn't planing on the person who maded the money in our house to abuse me and my 13 year old son 6 days before Christmas and leave us with nothing it sucks I just wish there was a miracle somewhere to help me.
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Merry Christmas,

I'm a single mom with to boys and this is the first year I have not been able to give my children anything. They such good boys, that they desirve the very best. I believe in the magic of christmas and so do my boys. So if there is someone who can make there christmas wish come true! And someone who is giving could help, it would be a wonderful Christmas. Thank you to anyone that may care. My boys a 10 and 8.
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Berthealy2006   in reply to Angels any where
Storm747 hasn't been online in years. Wish you would have found this site a couple weeks before, we could have directed u to resources which the day before christmas probably isn't even open...just in case try or call local police and fire halls, and some churches to see if they could help....good luck and God Bless!
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Angels any where
Hi my name is Carrie Maloney I have 3 children I have two boys 8 years old and 13 years old I also have one daughter she's 11 I have nothing to give them tomorrow for Christmas and I know it's so late to even ask for help but I've been praying to god since Friday morning for some kind of miracle to happen. For the last 4 years we have been like this. We've seemed to be down the same road every time this year and things got really bad this year and I had to just put it on hold I'm hoping someone reads this and I can explain my story more to them and maybe god will show my kids that there is a loving world and loving people and anything would be nice it's better than nothing
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mms2013   in reply to lisaandlacie
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CAMJSB2123   in reply to lisaandlacie
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Please help I havent been able to get my children anything for Christmas. I have a girl thats 9 and a boy thats 11.
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wantmykidstobehappy   in reply to alexcias mommy
Hello I have 3 girls ages 11 1o and 9 whom I haven't been able to purchase anything go please He'll
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mamaofthree81   in reply to alexcias mommy
Winston Salem nc
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lisaandlacie   in reply to CAMJSB2123
where do you live??
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